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News from the Covidian Empire: In the last few days I have been doing rapid antigen Sars-Cov2 tests and PCR tests. this is part of my work. But what is my thinking, what is my role?

In the first part of "Psychotic Holocaust" I wrote about Walter Jens. In his book, society consists only of witnesses, defendants, and judges. Nothing else. But no one knows what role it has, temporarily. But the consequences for a defendant are as follows: A letter from the government palace: Do not leave the city anymore!
After a week the next letter: Do not leave the street anymore! Then no more the house, another letter: no more the room! Then the last letter: No longer the corner of the room.In front of the window a security guard who orders the light to be turned on in the evening.

Am I a witness or already a judge?

Bruno Bettelheim wrote in "Informed Heart": Nobody risks their life for small restrictions, not even if the state imposes one small restriction after another. But when do we say: Until here and no further (every new generation doesn't know it differently)? Soon, all of these limitations have consumed so much of our courage that we can no longer do anything. And then we voluntarily run into the gas chambers (Or something else).

Only in infantility do parents have the chance to put our innermost in despair when our desires conflict with theirs.The current state, however, produces the same thing, but aims to destroy the personal autonomy of the individual.

Having no personality meant there was nothing to hide. The group, the crowd, means anonymity, and thus relative security, that's why nobody wants to be individual, everyone like the other, So don't doubt anything.
Although the oppressive mass state weakens personal identity, it also activates the human instinct of hostility and gives it opportunities for hostile expression. Being hostile produces satisfaction only briefly and must be repeated quickly to give satisfaction.

Thomas Szasz wrote therapeutic interventions have two faces: One heals the sick, the other controls those who are different.

The therapeutic state is like the religious non-secular state: it no longer makes a distinction between action and word. He who is not a "Covidian" is a heretic. And so it is very easy to include a "vaccination phobia" as a metaporic disease in the DSM catalog of "mental" diseases. And this creates the basis for "treatment". That is then medical coercion or housing in a "camp".

Both signs that a terror state is acting against us with peaceful warfare, and our self, our innermost being. It is a neat split in personality: the one who observes is the one to whom it happens.
Or who performes the deed.

But I don't want to be a perpetrator. And will return to work tomorrow.
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