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WILL UK SCHOOLS RECOVER FROM COVID? - Updates from London n.7 (02.07.20)

In light of Boris Johnson's announcement of a ten-year government rebuilding programme for crumbling schools, last week's tuition programme and the doubling up of 'bubbles' from 15 to 30 students, education has certainly been a hot topic in the UK press lately. Taking a cue from a debate taking place in Italy at the moment on the rules that schools will have to adhere with when they re-open in September, what might education look like on this side of the Channel following the Covid crisis? Also, how has education fared under a decade of Tory government?

With Emanuele Barrasso, Secretary of William Beveridge Office, Roosevelt Movement UK

Link MRTV:
UKSch b24a8
UKSch b24a8


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